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What is Wakefoil?

The Wakefoil consists of a board attached to a mast with wings on the bottom and on which boots can be mounted. The board usually has a standard size of 139 cm, and can be used for surfing, both in the sea and with a boat.

Wakefoil is similar to Wakeboard or wakesurf, but from about 13 km/h onwards, the wings start to work.

A bit of history…

The hydrofoil applied to sailing, consists of a wing or foil, which generates a thrust against the water in a direction perpendicular to the plane.

Boats that include these wings lift the hull out of the water, thus achieving less resistance and greater speed.

Applying this theory to water drag sports, Wakefoil is a new and exciting sport.

The generic name of this sport is foilboard, but the name Wakefoil was adopted because of the registered trademark that has the best quality and guarantee.

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