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What is Wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is one of the latest water sports to arrive in Spain, but with a very promising future for all ages.

This sport consists of riding a board similar to a surfing board, but a little smaller, dragged behind a boat that can reach between 12 and 15 km/h.

After the drag, the boat generates a wave big enough for the surfer to let go of the rope and start surfing the wave.

A little bit of history…

Wakesurfing started with the first water sports of dragging, using old surfboards. It is therefore the first sport that started to be practised behind a boat and therefore predates Wakeboarding.

As surfers got better and better, they realised that they needed more specific equipment, so they started to design more specialised boards. This helped create the first versions of the Wakeboard.

The board was initially only 9″ and the people who practised it could hardly let go of the rope for more than a few seconds.

Nowadays, the boards and boats are specially prepared, so that the ballast systems allow us to surf the wake of the boat without the need for a rope for an unlimited time.

Wakesurfing is considered a “low impact” sport, not physically demanding, so that children and adults can enjoy it, improving balance and agility.

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